Title: Kill the Murderer.
Set during Portal 2.
Description: Wheatley slowly loses it, basically. Written as a series of snippets.
Length: ~6400 words.

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I’ve got an old portal fic that I can post, how about that yes I will do that

somebody faved my archive post like no friend those are my bad fics

I need to post more fics quick someone give me a prompt so I don’t have all that stuff from 2009 showing up on my blog as the first freaking post uarghegrj

ARCHIVED STORIES: Really old stories. REALLY old stories. In (mostly) chronological order. Saved for nostalgia only; they aren’t all very good, generally. Personally, 21 is the most interesting/well-written if compared to the others.

Fairytale (2011) ; Hetalia, light Germany/Italy if you squint.

Peculiar Institution (2010; Unfinished) ; Hetalia, America during Civil War.

21 (2009) ; Cartoon Network FusionFall Universe

GL (2009) ; Cartoon Network FusionFall Universe, Dexter and Mandark fic

Physics (2009) ; Cartoon Network Dexter’s Laboratory

Hello Seattle (2009; Unfinished) ; Original fiction based upon humanized versions of each of the 3 most well-known operating systems (Windows, OSX, and Linux).